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I provide highly personalised support to writers – whether you’re looking for editorial feedback on something you have written, or whether you long to write but can’t quite get started (because of a lack of time or energy or because perfectionism and your fierce inner critic keep getting in the way).

Writing (or trying to write) can be a lonely business – if you would like an expert guide to be there to support you, you’ve come to the right place. I can offer an experienced, book world insider’s take on the sometimes obscure or cliquey-seeming writing world, but more importantly, I can take away the feeling that you have to do it all alone. Instead, someone who understands the challenges you face is right there in your corner. I offer one to one coaching, mentoring or honest and informed editorial feedback; occasional retreats; and I also run an online writing community (which you can join when you sign up for my Inspiration Letters) and an online writing group.You can see what my clients have to say about me here.

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