Opportunities for writers

View from Moniack Mhor
View from Moniack Mhor

If you’ve ever dreamed of living somewhere beautiful whilst being paid to write, these two residencies are for you:

The Jessie Kesson Fellowship is based at Moniack Mhor in the Highlands, and the award includes a month’s accommodation and a stipend of £300 a week. The deadline is fast approaching: Thursday 18 December at 5pm.

The Camargo Foundation’s Fellowship Program is based in Cassis, in the South of France. You can apply for fellowships of four, eight or eleven weeks, including accommodation and a stipend of $600 a month (and spouses and children over 6 years old are welcome to come too).

If, on the other hand, you’re a writer looking for teaching opportunities, this might be interesting. The Story House (a not-for-profit writing centre in Waterford, Ireland, based on the Arvon Centres in England) is looking for new tutors.

And if you’re not at the right stage for any of these opportunities, but long to see your name in print, this might be for you. Freight Books (based in Glasgow) are looking for submissions for a new anthology, themed around the theory of relativity no less… Happy writing.

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