Online Writing Group

Every writer needs a community of other writers – those with passion for the craft and interest in developing their skills. Sophy’s group is just that. One of its great advantages is that, because it is on-line, you can take your time in thinking through feedback to fellow subscribers, and savour and think about the feedback they give. I’d highly recommend joining.” – Helen McNeil, novelist & online writing group member

What is it?

It’s a writing group, facilitated by Spark’s Director, Sophy Dale, with personalised editorial feedback.

Joining gives you an accessible way of getting regular expert feedback and advice about your writing. You’ll become part of a group of like-minded writers and will be able to work within a structure that gives you ongoing support.

I’m intentionally keeping the group really small (no more than five to ten people) so that I  have the time to give individual editorial feedback to all members every month, and to make sure that the group itself is intimate enough that everyone can get to know everyone else, which makes for a really supportive writing environment. The idea is a cross between the individual attention I give people when I’m mentoring them and the experience of community and peer support that can be engendered in a good e-course or online Creative Writing Masters.

How does it work?

The group is hosted on a private, password-protected mini site.  I’ll ask you each month to post up whatever you want to share by the middle of that month.

I’ll give critique on up to 1,200 words per person each month (you can choose to post more than that, but in that case I won’t be feeding back on the whole thing). You’re all able to read and comment upon one another’s submissions – so far we have very successfully set an atmosphere of generosity, support, confidentiality and mutual respect. Since we’re often looking at a very ‘raw’ newly-written piece, attention is primarily focused on what is working – it’s not helpful to anyone to tear a first draft to pieces. However, sometimes people ask for specific feedback about what isn’t working – so it depends what you want.

When will it run?

This cycle of the group will run for  6 months, from March to August 2017.

How much does it cost?

The fee is £97 for the whole six months.

Where do I sign up?

Just email for more information, or you can sign up via PayPal here.

What’s the deadline?

Either the 28th of February, or when the group reaches ten people for this session, whichever comes sooner…